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Eat Smart is a unique approach to fat loss. It is a 10-week fat-loss program that combines multiple strategies to help you achieve the body composition you desire. Eat Smart is much more than just lists of what to eat and what not to eat or how many calories to consume.

It incorporates a habit-based coaching approach, instruction on how to change your thought process about fat loss, daily text reminders and follow-up, weekly class sessions or video lessons and daily educational emails, along with weekly contact with a registered dietitian or Eat Smart Practitioner. Long-lasting fat-loss requires a lifestyle change.

A true lifestyle change requires more than a list of what to eat or what not to eat. It requires a comprehensive approach with multiple ingredients to create the perfect recipe.



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"The program works! All that i had to do was apply what i learned and that was easy because of all the accountability that comes free with the class!"

- Dona Batten

"I've lost 4 dress sizes and I feel better than I ever have. People tell me every day how amazing I look, how happy and just like a different person. The program really works!"

- Shannon Lavender

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Our main training facility is located at:

10406 Theodore Green Blvd
White Plains, MD 20695

If you wish to contact us
by e-mail or phone:

Phone: 240.776.4135